Thursday, April 28, 2011

Making the Most of MBA Admit Weekends

Admit Weekends are a fun way for you to get to know the business school at a more personal level. However, the flurry of people and events can sometimes be overwhelming. Here are some tips to making the most out of Admit Weekends:

· Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. You will most likely be on your feet throughout the day, walking to multiple event locations and taking a tour of the school campus. Bring a medium sized bag to put the information that you receive throughout the weekend. I would recommend keeping your hands free to make shaking hands and jotting down quick notes as easy as possible.

· Remember names and ask for contact information. Even if you decide not to attend that particular school, more likely than not, your paths are bound to cross again at case competitions, conferences and even at your first company after business school.

· Attend all of the events, even the unofficial ones. Many times prospective students and/or current students will go to another location to unwind after the official events. This is a great opportunity to get to know people one on one.

· If you are not from the area, set aside some time to explore the city. Some factors to consider are city size and density, transportation and weather. Can this place offer the lifestyle that you want?

· Do you have a partner that will be in the area while you are in school? Ask about the types of groups and events that are offered to partners.

· Talk to everyone you can. The current students are a wealth of information regarding business school life and are there to answer your questions. Equally important, get to know the prospective students because most of them will be your future classmates. Ask yourself, can I see myself developing close friendships with these people?

· Keep an open mind, relax and have fun!

My Truong, Forte Fellow
USC Marshall Class of 2012

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