Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halfway Through the First Semester!

Well, we have cleared the halfway point of the first semester here at Kelley. I say “we” and not I, because the camaraderie and support of my classmates has been so fundamental to the experience that I feel as though all of us first years are really making our way through together.
The amount of material has been a little overwhelming to learn, and midterms were intense. However, the most challenging part of the first semester so far has been figuring out how to properly, adequately, and respectfully navigate the professional world. Career services has really whipped us into shape so that we present ourselves well and everyone has been getting out there and meeting new people. I am shy (not really, but for a business student, I am shy), and since the beginning of the semester, I have begun to feel a lot more comfortable speaking with highly intelligent, revered people from different industries and walks of life.
I’m looking forward to the next semester and a half. We have the case competition in a couple weeks, which will be hectic, but also a little exciting. I have Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, during which I will be able to visit friends, family, and also great professional contacts I have made in my home area. Next March I will be traveling to San Francisco for the Velocity Conference with students from Kelley. Directly after that, I will head to rural India for two weeks with a different group Kelley students to work with community entrepreneurs.
Yeah, the decision to come to business school was definitely a great one.
Anna Narem, Forte Fellow
JD/MBA Class of 2012 at Indiana University Kelley School of Business

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