Friday, September 10, 2010

Initial Reactions of a Brand New MBA

I have never felt quite as lost as I have these first few weeks at Indiana University Kelley School of Business, and that statement is coming from a JD/MBA who has already been through the first two years of law school. Assignments for all eight classes were difficult to find and even harder to organize in my head. I have never had a business class, beyond a little accounting, and so a lot of the assignments were very intimidating. On top of assignments and life organization skills, we have an aggressive career services schedule and networking events to attend. The rigor is starting to affect everyone, but it is also uniting us as partners, “in this together”, so to speak. I remember the same dynamic from the first year of law school. You depend on those who are in the same uniquely stressful situation as a support system and as an outlet, and great friendships supported by an innate understanding form.

However, despite being overwhelmed with stress at the amount of work, I am also overwhelmed with excitement about everything I am learning. The classes are engaging and fill in the theoretical and numerical gaps between the logical conclusions about business I have made over the years. The networking was intimidating at first, but now I look forward to it. Speaking to a huge variety of people in a short time who have all done really different, but really cool things puts my own experiences into perspective. I cannot wait to learn more about this whole process.

Anna Narem, Forte Fellow
JD/MBA Class of 2012 at Indiana University Kelley School of Business

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