Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Apply in the Sky introduces the smart way to manage your MBA applications

Applying to business school is remarkably time-consuming and stressful, even for the savviest applicants. But it can also be a valuable and enlightening process – characterized by months of self-reflection that encourages you to synthesize thoughts on past experiences and future goals. At Apply in the Sky, we’re former applicants who understand your hopes and challenges… and have experienced the pain points in the process. Below are three tips on smarter ways to manage your applications, based on our personal experiences:
1. Give yourself enough time to be thoughtful. MBA applications are not something you should start a month before deadlines. Essay writing, itself, can require weeks of introspection, before you start writing. Familiarize yourself with requirements early on (tip: requirements and essay questions for over 50 schools are provided at Apply in the Sky), and keep a note pad handy to jot down inspiration, which may come when you least expect it.
2. Know what you’re in for. For the uninitiated, MBA applicants should prepare for a chaotic jumble of requirements. But the process need not be difficult to manage. The problem is: most applicants don’t realize how overwhelming the organizational challenges are until they’re mid-way through. By understanding what to expect upfront, you can be proactive in your organizational approach. (Tip: Apply in the Sky organizes it all through one simple interface, where you can write essays, seek feedback, and focus your time on crafting more thoughtful applications.)
3. Seek out tools to manage your time. While there are many test prep and consulting services, existing tools neglect to address the time management necessary to prepare successful applications. Traditionally, applicants have relied on a scattered mix of spreadsheets, emails, reminders and to-do lists, but this has changed.

Apply in the Sky is the first online workspace to help you streamline, manage and organize your MBA applications, across schools. To learn more, visit (We offer Forté Members a 15% discount!) Best of luck as you embark on this process!
Emily, Chiara & Ryan
The Apply in the Sky Team

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