Monday, August 26, 2013 Interview with Georgetown MBA & Forté Fellow Teri Delgado

Forté Fellow Teri Delgado recently shared her first year experiences at the Georgetown MBA with Take a moment to read her interview.

Here’s an excerpt on her experiences with Forté:

Accepted: Can you talk about your experience with the Forté Foundation? What are some of the benefits of being involved with this organization?

Teri: As a Forté Fellow, I have access to many great benefits, including networking events, webinars, and the annual Forté Conference. Even before school started, I was welcomed by my second-year Forté mentor from Georgetown who helped me navigate the first weeks of school. Through my Forte participation, I contribute to the Forté Fellow blog and have been empowered to lead the first-year women’s mentoring program as the VP, Mentorship for the Georgetown Women in Business club. Forté sponsored events helped me evaluate pursuing an MBA early on and I am thrilled that I can share my experience and help other women strategically consider this decision as well.

For the complete blog post visit: Georgetown MBA Interview with Teri Delgado at

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